Cory Chase in Free Use Step Family Anal Halloween – Vol 2, Scene #01


Home AloneCory Chase just returned home and she is excited to see her step-son Luke Longly and her step-sister’s Melanie Hicks and Gabby. Cory opens the front door and she calls out to her family… but no one answers, except the pumpkins from the Halloween decorations! She searches the house, looking for one of her step-family members, but she cannot seem to find anyone! Cory is wearing a floral crop top and a black, leather skirt as she climbs the stairs to the top floor. She reaches the upstairs bedroom and she pulls out a big, glass dildo. She rubs the dildo in between her big, enhanced tits. She rubs the cool glass against her nipples, before she spreads her legs. She doesn’t have any panties on as she shoves the big, glass dildo inside of her pussy. She rides the dildo with her pussy at first… but her ass hole is craving the dildo as well! She lies back on the bed in the missionary position and she fucks herself in the ass with the dildo. Cory thinks that she hears a noise coming from downstairs, so she jumps up and she goes to inspect…Tasty Anal Treat- Cory is checking herself out in the mirror in the guest bedroom when her step-son Luke walks in the room. Cory asks Luke where his step-sister Gabby is, but he tells her that she isn’t home right now. Cory confesses to Luke that she just fucked her ass upstairs with the big, glass dildo. Cory gets down on her knees and she starts to give her step-son a blowjob, before she hops on top of his cock and begins to ride him with her pussy. Then she slips his cock inside of her ass hole next. Then she flips over into the doggystyle position and he fucks his step-mom’s ass some more! Cory begs her step-son to fuck her ass and cum all over her face! Luke fucks her ass and pussy back and forth, and then he jerks his cock in her mouth!Tits or Treats-Right after Luke explodes in Cory’s mouth, Cory’s step-sister Melanie walks into the room and yells ‘Trick or Treat!’ Melanie hops on to the bed next to Cory and it doesn’t take long before Cory pulls Melanie’s tits out from under her orange dress. Melanie returns the favor by licking Cory’s nipples next. Melanie gets naked before she moves into the doggystyle position with her ass up in the air. Cory moves behind Melanie and she begins to eat her step-sister’s ass out from behind. Melanie flips over into the missionary position and Cory begins to eat her pussy out. Cory hops on top of Melanie and the two step-sister’s get into the 69 position and eat each other out at the same time. Trick or Treat our Holes-Melanie and Cory are eating each other’s pussies out, when Luke decides to join his step-mom and his step Aunt. He walks into the bedroom and he gets behind Cory. He starts to fuck Cory from behind while Cory eat’s Melanie’s pussy out. Then Luke moves over to Melanie and he fucks her pussy in the missionary position. Cory hops on top of Luke’s cock next and she rides him while Melanie rubs Cory’s nipples. Melanie rides Luke next, before Cory lies down in the missionary position and waits for Luke’s cock to penetrate her again! Luke fucks Cory’s ass at the end, and then he cums in Cory’s mouth. She swallows it all, like a good step-mom!

Date: May 29, 2023

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